Monat: November 2015

Carthago delenda, aut reformanda erat?

Ensconced in an inter-civilizational brawl, the West would have long fought back were it not for a serious problem: no one seems to be able to remember exactly what Cato the Elder recommended be done with Carthage. Were the Punics to be re-educated and integrated into the Roman proposition empire? Were radical Baalist elements to be killed, the Barcids to be replaced with a more agreeable dynasty? How is the West to deal with a civilizational challenge from across the Mediterranean?

While the search for the DICTVM CATONIS MAIORIS continues, two competitors step up to fill the void.

The Contenders:

Hailing from the Middle Kingdom, give a warm welcome to the Breaker of Mahometanism, Reactionary Expat:

Next up, a libertarian tag team absolutely willing to break the NAP in delivering their punches. Give it up for the Reapers of PC, Bill Whittle & Stefan Molyneux:


Expat delivers the dispassionate, ice-cold analysis that brings together all the best qualities of the alt-right. Civilizational scope, without ideological blinds, uncucked and un-apologetical, one would be forgiven to detect slight signs of bromance on my part (amused mastery!), were the Eucivic Institute not a bastion of objective scientody (ahem). 10/10, would watch again.

Whittle-Molyneux have set the bar high with this recent, excellent r/K discussion. Sadly, in this bout for the title of PSEVDO-CATO, they end up short. While putting up a fight, they get dangerously close to cucky proposition nation territory, and suffer for it.

Is the ideological dimension of the fight important? Yes, it is. Does the future of the West depend on inducing a reformation like movement within Mohammedanism? No, it doesn’t. Expelling the barbarians is sufficient.

It’s like we’re watching the birth pangs of a national libertarianism. Exactly which Mohammedan explosion broke their water is an academic question (9.11, 11-M, 11.17, it doesn’t really matter), but Whittle & Molyneux are seemingly in labour.

The child hasn’t been delivered yet, though. „We have to kill the radicals, it’s like beating Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan“, yes yes,“America is in a much better position because of our clearly defined values as opposed to, say, Sweden“. Push harder!, my inner midwife wants to scream. The reason Sweden is so cucked is because they insisted on pretending to be nothing but values, and ostracising anyone who dares object. If magic dirt theory were correct, Sweden (any European country, for that matter) would have continued to be a peaceful, middle class, welfare paradise regardless of its ethnic composition. Alas, reality.

The most important rhetorical takeaway seems to be the analogy between National Socialism and Mohammedanism; input for the next coprop sparring session.

The Verdict:

Expat wins this, hands down.  His nonchalant analysis benefits first and foremost by taking the wider geo-political picture into account: Mohammedanism, benefitting from a 90s birth bulge, is running out of steam. Defeating Europe (improbable) is the last chance it really has, and even if succesful, it won’t be able to take on third civilizations like the East Asians or Latin Americans.

All Europe has to do is getting our act together and remove the occupying forces (medium difficulty), not engaging in inception-like psy-ops to stop Mohammedan autophagy or make it compatible with the West (hard to impossible difficulty). HABEMVS PSEVDO-CATONEM!

Salvaging the proposition nation, culinary style

It’s all but clear that endo-Hajnalians are more susceptible to ideological heresy and do not default to ethno-nationalism the way much of the rest of the world does. I think this observation will be common knowledge among future generations, and that, hence, they will not look back on this first half of the 21st century with disbelief at our utter stupidity or incomprehension for our autogenocidal tendencies.

Rather, the history of our times will illustrate the need for an endo-Hajnalian (which is really just another way of saying European+k-selected) memetic immunology. Future inquisitors are going to study closely the events unfolding as we speak. Ultimately, our ugly dyscivic present will have served its purpose as the petri dish that spawned the antibodies to prevent future infections. VACCINVM EVCIVICVM, the k-selects‘ philosopher’s stone.

One segment of this vaccine will be an awareness for our need for ideology. Ask yourself why you are spending time reading at the Eucivic Institute, or other alt-right blogs; why the devout listen to sermons (regardless of Christian, Churchian, Mohammedan etc.), the commuter puts an hour+ daily into reading his New York Times or Le Figaro, or the r-select switches channels for the evening news when he could be absorbing another episode of the Kardashians. All of these go beyond mere entertainment or passing the time, and constitute voluntary as opposed to institutionally required ideological exposure as happens in the military or academia. I understand there is a modicum of fascination among some anglophones for the trigger happy word agglutination of my native language, and present these fine gentlemen with Weltanschauungsbedürfnis.

The proposition nation serviced this bedürfnisbut it went too far in that it took the natus ex natione, and denied the biological reality of the nation as a reproductive community. There are limits to this of course. Few people would accept some agency worker knocking at their door, presenting them with a perfect stranger, say, a Middle Eastern refugee, and commanding them to take him in as if he were part of their nuclear family. „But he’s not“, says the neurotypical person and slams the door shut in the parasite distributor’s face.

Zoom out a bit further to the municipal level though, and you have people nodding in agreement that indeed, diversity is their strength (not a strength, or one strength, but their strength). „Ich ben Grieche, Türke, Jude/Moslem un Bhuddist“, sings the cucky Colognian 68er during carnival, a traditional festival so deeply catholic and localist in nature it would make an identitarian cry tears of joy. Zoom out further, and you get the American cuck believing the 18th century quasi-Aristocrats (k-selects in any case) penning the constitution had Aztecs and Somalis in mind as much as their own Anglo posterity.

Knowing that some foods, such as chocolate bars or frappuccinos, have sub-optimal nutritional value should not cause you to forswear eating and die of starvation. Rather, it should have you watch your diet.  And so it is with ideology. As much as the body won’t support zero nutritional intake, so the mind won’t support memetic starvation. That is why the Eucivicist of the future will look back on our times as we look on a herd of obesettes stuffing their faces with junk food: not with disbelief or incomprehension, for we know that caloric intake is a metabolic necessity. But with disgust, for their diet (and possibly, table manners) is gross.

It’s the same thing, really

In this, memetics agrees with cuisine: you are what you eat. Time for aesthetically offended Eucivic chefs to grincer les dents, step forth and bitchslap that donut out of Europa’s sputtering mouth. And, while we’re at it, burn down the donut, muffin and frappuccino places she used to get her fixes from.

Coprop Sparring Session I

Mohammedan attacks like yesterday’s Paris bombing bring salience to the ongoing colonization and subversion of Europe made possible by traitorous elites. Excellent opportunities present themselves for spreading memes of counterpropaganda. Retorts are divided into rhetoric and dialectics, to be applied depending on the mental capacities of the recipient.


  • „Muslims are a part of Europe“

R: No. Muslims are parasites to Europeans.

D: No. The Middle East is Muslim, would you call it European?

  • „Die Flüchtlinge wollen hier Steuern zahlen“

R: That’s laudable. Even better, let’s meet them halfway and grant them tax relief until they can afford return tickets.

D: Their financial contributions do not outweigh the bio-civilizational damage caused by their presence.

  • „Muslims/Refugees are human beings, too“

D: Taxonomical classification within the homo genus does not confer a right to parasitism or residence.

R: Right, which is why we can’t turn them into cattle food like we would with bad produce. Repatriate them humanely.

  • „Europa hat eine besondere Verantwortung Aufgrund seiner Geschichte“

D: Zivilisation ist die einzige Moral. Der Import afro-mohammedanischen Auswurfes nach Europa ist ein Verbrechen ersten Ranges.

R: No. Cucks like you have a special hatred of healthy people because of your mental problems.


Of course, sensitivity is advised. The more cynical or obviously traitorous the recipient, the less words should be minced. Towards the more emotionally stirred (and especially so with women), care should be taken to not force these talking points or deliver them too crassly, so as not to make the eucivic position seem unfeeling.

Mission Statement

Mechanical systems are unaffected by non-physical forces. An engine is not going to work any less well by feeling nervous or anxious. A well fitting accessory belt is not going to be triggered by mean words, or decide that its alloted place between two pulleys does not qualify as a safe space.

But the human condition is organic. People’s performance and well being are profoundly influenced by psychic factors. With a few exceptions, such as aging, accidents or deliberate self-infliction, human ingenuity has in principle ended physical discomfort in the first world (for the middle and upper classes in any case, the lower classes will find ways to steal from, maim or abuse each other even under difficult circumstances.).

So even though first worlders are healthy in body, they are divorced, depressed and demoralized (etymologically, this triplet shares the de/dis particle, indicating the removal from a previous, perhaps even the natural state; I am tempted to add defiliated in at least one of its possible meanings).

Thus Western man is reduced to the ironic position of being able to split the atom, travel the void of space or perform brain surgery, but unable to defend himself demographically against the steaming masses of the third world, socially against the demands for resources and enfranchisement by his women and lessers, and econo-politically against the hustle for concessions by the corporate world and foreign governments.

The ensuing dyscivism has become painfully visible, and how deep the decline will or can reach is subject of debate. But when the stakes are this high, the rational position to take is one of radicalism. The need for an immune system, and lack thereof sofar, is clear.

Analogies between the mechanic and organic are not easily drawn, but the possibility for a future West to command the memetic domain as readily as the technological one presents itself; perhaps Western future hinges on this very condition.

Whether as a megaphone for the valuable findings of others‘, or humbly in hope of original ideas, the Eucivic Institute is here to ensure our posterity passes this condition.