Coprop Sparring Session I

Mohammedan attacks like yesterday’s Paris bombing bring salience to the ongoing colonization and subversion of Europe made possible by traitorous elites. Excellent opportunities present themselves for spreading memes of counterpropaganda. Retorts are divided into rhetoric and dialectics, to be applied depending on the mental capacities of the recipient.


  • „Muslims are a part of Europe“

R: No. Muslims are parasites to Europeans.

D: No. The Middle East is Muslim, would you call it European?

  • „Die Flüchtlinge wollen hier Steuern zahlen“

R: That’s laudable. Even better, let’s meet them halfway and grant them tax relief until they can afford return tickets.

D: Their financial contributions do not outweigh the bio-civilizational damage caused by their presence.

  • „Muslims/Refugees are human beings, too“

D: Taxonomical classification within the homo genus does not confer a right to parasitism or residence.

R: Right, which is why we can’t turn them into cattle food like we would with bad produce. Repatriate them humanely.

  • „Europa hat eine besondere Verantwortung Aufgrund seiner Geschichte“

D: Zivilisation ist die einzige Moral. Der Import afro-mohammedanischen Auswurfes nach Europa ist ein Verbrechen ersten Ranges.

R: No. Cucks like you have a special hatred of healthy people because of your mental problems.


Of course, sensitivity is advised. The more cynical or obviously traitorous the recipient, the less words should be minced. Towards the more emotionally stirred (and especially so with women), care should be taken to not force these talking points or deliver them too crassly, so as not to make the eucivic position seem unfeeling.

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