Salvaging the proposition nation, culinary style

It’s all but clear that endo-Hajnalians are more susceptible to ideological heresy and do not default to ethno-nationalism the way much of the rest of the world does. I think this observation will be common knowledge among future generations, and that, hence, they will not look back on this first half of the 21st century with disbelief at our utter stupidity or incomprehension for our autogenocidal tendencies.

Rather, the history of our times will illustrate the need for an endo-Hajnalian (which is really just another way of saying European+k-selected) memetic immunology. Future inquisitors are going to study closely the events unfolding as we speak. Ultimately, our ugly dyscivic present will have served its purpose as the petri dish that spawned the antibodies to prevent future infections. VACCINVM EVCIVICVM, the k-selects‘ philosopher’s stone.

One segment of this vaccine will be an awareness for our need for ideology. Ask yourself why you are spending time reading at the Eucivic Institute, or other alt-right blogs; why the devout listen to sermons (regardless of Christian, Churchian, Mohammedan etc.), the commuter puts an hour+ daily into reading his New York Times or Le Figaro, or the r-select switches channels for the evening news when he could be absorbing another episode of the Kardashians. All of these go beyond mere entertainment or passing the time, and constitute voluntary as opposed to institutionally required ideological exposure as happens in the military or academia. I understand there is a modicum of fascination among some anglophones for the trigger happy word agglutination of my native language, and present these fine gentlemen with Weltanschauungsbedürfnis.

The proposition nation serviced this bedürfnisbut it went too far in that it took the natus ex natione, and denied the biological reality of the nation as a reproductive community. There are limits to this of course. Few people would accept some agency worker knocking at their door, presenting them with a perfect stranger, say, a Middle Eastern refugee, and commanding them to take him in as if he were part of their nuclear family. „But he’s not“, says the neurotypical person and slams the door shut in the parasite distributor’s face.

Zoom out a bit further to the municipal level though, and you have people nodding in agreement that indeed, diversity is their strength (not a strength, or one strength, but their strength). „Ich ben Grieche, Türke, Jude/Moslem un Bhuddist“, sings the cucky Colognian 68er during carnival, a traditional festival so deeply catholic and localist in nature it would make an identitarian cry tears of joy. Zoom out further, and you get the American cuck believing the 18th century quasi-Aristocrats (k-selects in any case) penning the constitution had Aztecs and Somalis in mind as much as their own Anglo posterity.

Knowing that some foods, such as chocolate bars or frappuccinos, have sub-optimal nutritional value should not cause you to forswear eating and die of starvation. Rather, it should have you watch your diet.  And so it is with ideology. As much as the body won’t support zero nutritional intake, so the mind won’t support memetic starvation. That is why the Eucivicist of the future will look back on our times as we look on a herd of obesettes stuffing their faces with junk food: not with disbelief or incomprehension, for we know that caloric intake is a metabolic necessity. But with disgust, for their diet (and possibly, table manners) is gross.

It’s the same thing, really

In this, memetics agrees with cuisine: you are what you eat. Time for aesthetically offended Eucivic chefs to grincer les dents, step forth and bitchslap that donut out of Europa’s sputtering mouth. And, while we’re at it, burn down the donut, muffin and frappuccino places she used to get her fixes from.

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