Carthago delenda, aut reformanda erat?

Ensconced in an inter-civilizational brawl, the West would have long fought back were it not for a serious problem: no one seems to be able to remember exactly what Cato the Elder recommended be done with Carthage. Were the Punics to be re-educated and integrated into the Roman proposition empire? Were radical Baalist elements to be killed, the Barcids to be replaced with a more agreeable dynasty? How is the West to deal with a civilizational challenge from across the Mediterranean?

While the search for the DICTVM CATONIS MAIORIS continues, two competitors step up to fill the void.

The Contenders:

Hailing from the Middle Kingdom, give a warm welcome to the Breaker of Mahometanism, Reactionary Expat:

Next up, a libertarian tag team absolutely willing to break the NAP in delivering their punches. Give it up for the Reapers of PC, Bill Whittle & Stefan Molyneux:


Expat delivers the dispassionate, ice-cold analysis that brings together all the best qualities of the alt-right. Civilizational scope, without ideological blinds, uncucked and un-apologetical, one would be forgiven to detect slight signs of bromance on my part (amused mastery!), were the Eucivic Institute not a bastion of objective scientody (ahem). 10/10, would watch again.

Whittle-Molyneux have set the bar high with this recent, excellent r/K discussion. Sadly, in this bout for the title of PSEVDO-CATO, they end up short. While putting up a fight, they get dangerously close to cucky proposition nation territory, and suffer for it.

Is the ideological dimension of the fight important? Yes, it is. Does the future of the West depend on inducing a reformation like movement within Mohammedanism? No, it doesn’t. Expelling the barbarians is sufficient.

It’s like we’re watching the birth pangs of a national libertarianism. Exactly which Mohammedan explosion broke their water is an academic question (9.11, 11-M, 11.17, it doesn’t really matter), but Whittle & Molyneux are seemingly in labour.

The child hasn’t been delivered yet, though. „We have to kill the radicals, it’s like beating Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan“, yes yes,“America is in a much better position because of our clearly defined values as opposed to, say, Sweden“. Push harder!, my inner midwife wants to scream. The reason Sweden is so cucked is because they insisted on pretending to be nothing but values, and ostracising anyone who dares object. If magic dirt theory were correct, Sweden (any European country, for that matter) would have continued to be a peaceful, middle class, welfare paradise regardless of its ethnic composition. Alas, reality.

The most important rhetorical takeaway seems to be the analogy between National Socialism and Mohammedanism; input for the next coprop sparring session.

The Verdict:

Expat wins this, hands down.  His nonchalant analysis benefits first and foremost by taking the wider geo-political picture into account: Mohammedanism, benefitting from a 90s birth bulge, is running out of steam. Defeating Europe (improbable) is the last chance it really has, and even if succesful, it won’t be able to take on third civilizations like the East Asians or Latin Americans.

All Europe has to do is getting our act together and remove the occupying forces (medium difficulty), not engaging in inception-like psy-ops to stop Mohammedan autophagy or make it compatible with the West (hard to impossible difficulty). HABEMVS PSEVDO-CATONEM!

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