The Ostracon is writing itself


Being from one of the subjugated peoples at the periphery of the American Empire comes with its perks and drawbacks. We are famously cursed with cucky leaders who love to bend over at Washington’s beck and call: vibrancy by way of NATO, neocon wars that have a funny tendency to end up pro-dar-al-islam, and a religious adherence to whatever new social justice doctrine the fine folks at Berkeley and Massachusetts have come up with.

On the plus side, we are blessed with a level of nationalism and ethnic identity that would make most SWPL Americans‘ heads explode. For example, early last year (pre-Pegida days), I was looking for apartments in Dresden. Upon hearing my clearly non-local accent the real estate agent pointed out that the neighborhood thankfully neither had any negroes or moslems, like they do in the West. I acknowledged his point. Nota bene that this exchange occured without any of the code words I understand are used for this in the US (good schools, quiet neighborhood, etc.).

I am agnostic however about the most heavily touted difference between Reichsamerikaner and EU peripherals, namely second amendment gun rights. It’s true that Americans have an easier time obtaining hand guns, but how does this compare to actual modern infantry equipment?

In either case, I believe that the Trumpening is an unmistakable sign that nationalist Europeans and Americans are converging.  Different though we are, this conflict will make us brothers. And our enemies, feeling the heat, can’t help but double-down on their own sanctimoniousness.


„… just a survivor’s sharp sense of power  and a scientist’s devotion to data“

Top kek, much lel. Were her age (61) and body mass index (your guess is as good as mine, but she seems to be packing a couple of extra pounds)  less forbidding, we could be looking forward to the certainty of seeing her chickens coming home to roost. Will she feel a true survivor and scientist when the noose tightens around her neck? Unfortunately, time is probably on her side in dodging the coming Eucivic punishment against traitors to the European völkerfamilie (2025? 30? Spieglein, Spieglein an der Wand).

And so, as their outside enemies are failing to be affected by the old spells, the globalists approach the final stage of their life cycle. Reality by chanting is failing them, and dementia appears more and more attractive. Averting their eyes from that unsufferable, serotonin-dropping look at grim reality they descent into self-worship, as they style themselves larger-than-life avatars of their fading ideology.

Thus the globalist catalogue by which future Westerners will punish is compiled by the ostracees. The ostracon is writing itself.



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