Christening the Enemy

Who is the enemy? Identification is easily done:

  • The Frankfurt School
  • Banksters
  • Communists
  • Socialists
  • Grievance group advocates, I.e. community organizers/social workers
  • Multikultists
  • Antifa/europhobics
  • R-selected
  • Commons-consuming parasites, I.e third worlders
  • Fragilistas
  • Heretics
  • Progressives
  • Feminists
  • Gutmenschen/ bien-pensants
  • Traitors
  • Dyscivicists
  • Cucks (ethno-masochists)
  • Cuckservatives (blank slatists/propositionalists)
  • Low trust /high time preference people
  • Liars/Sophists
  • SJWs
  • Mohammedans
  • Pharisees/moralists/hypocrites
  • Soros / state department (destructive meddlers in European societies)

An easily compiled list, but much too mosaic to be of rethorical use. There are certain options for clustering (communists/keynesians/welfarists -> statists; central bankers/immigrationists -> fragilistas), but these don’t encapsulate the entirety of the enemy spectrum.

Enter Globalism

The globalist identification provides two main advantages: 1. A big enough tent to fit the breadth of the enemy alliance 2. A call of urgency vis-a-vis the most pressing matter, demographic replacement of the northern hemispherals (which forms the base of the alt-right’s Pavlovian pyramid. Without our people, low taxes don’t matter) -> the nationalist-globalist conflict

That is why the Eucivic institute wholeheartedly embraces the globalist moniker. Do not expect our enemies to pick it up themselves – it is an exo- rather than an endonym (much like the Mohammedan[exo]/Muslim [endo]markers). If, in a misplaced flight of ‚embrace the insult‘, they do, rejoice: it will be but another instance of the self-compiling ostracon.

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