Monat: März 2016

Compatriots as Welshmen



  1. foreign, non-Germanic (Celtic, later also Roman)


The appearance of a shared language betrays the fact that we are as foreigners unto each other. Many ways to talk about the commons, but wide gaps in vocab and psychology.

What are the commons?

Equality -> high time preference, resource centered. Women, children, paupers, low status males, minorities, even the impoverished low nobility need resources and status now; not tomorrow or next year. Coalition of the fringes.

Freedom -> medium time preference, production/exchange centered. Patricians, guildsmen, businessmen, industrialists, the middle class need access to markets and opportunities to produce into the foreseeable future. Let capital go where it will.

Order -> low time preference, dynastically centered. Patriarchs, the officer corps, landed nobles, the enfranchised, those with skin in the game want stable conditions to see their families/investments flourish into the future. Immediate security is a concern of course, just not the whole of the story. Je maintiendrai.

Towards an exchange based government

Look a which values dominate modern discourse. Non-discrimination, integration, anti-racism, feminism -> equality. Political modernity, far from being an enlightened exchange between the castes, is nothing but the elevation of low-class needs and wants at the expense and demonization of middle and upper class strategies (free speech = hate speech; capitalism = heartlessness; eugenics = white privilege; masculinity = toxic; meritocracy = oppression; etc.).

If this seems infantile, that is a feature not a bug, as it is the language of the temperamentally child-like. It is not meant to satisfy adult or responsible sensibilities, but to rally the low and shame the high.

The first steps in another language are always awkward, though perhaps also the most fun. So excuse my clumsiness as I dabble my way into propertarian thinking. To complicate things further, my instincts tell me to think of a nation as basically a large, aligned tribe (silly Teuton me), so working out all these caste dependenices comes very counterintuitively.

Still, the alt-right needs positives to work towards; no shortage of witty and hilarous commentary on the flaws of modernity, but a bad need of visions for the future.

Colognian Reaction

A Protestant Colognian, a Prussian Rhinelander. I am that walking contradiction. Because I am Protestant, I meet up every two to three weeks with a friar at St. Andreas and go through a kind of informal Catholic catechesis. Because I am Lutheran, I never go to Lutheran mass but much prefer the Orthodox service at the Saints Constantine and Helena chapel (though rarely taking in its full three hours). Because of my Christianity, my sympathy for the old gods.

Because I studied economics and then worked in consulting, I am now studying engineering to work in a technical function. A conscientious objector at 18, I now find myself an ardent militarist. There is no coherence or constancy in any of this, other than the inner voice that keeps on asking „what must I do?“ (h/t Doolittle). All in all, not too untypical for a German.

Neoreaction,  Heroic reaction, the alt- and mil-right are right now going through the pangs of differentiating themselves from each other. Very well, let a thousand ideologies bloom. What will be my garden to tend? Hrx seems like a promising proposition, though the evolving school of Doolittleian propertarianism cannot have captivated me for so long without reason.

For better or worse, this town of mine has become a salient point within the current dyscivic crisis. Liberalism has visited the entirety of its unsavory arsenal upon Cologne: once a patrician city state full of guilds, faith and trade, boasting one of the largest medieval fortifications in Europe, benign emperors watching from afar, the French mob army came and wiped all of that away. Because equality. Now the third world mob has descended on us to consume whatever commons are left. Because human rights. As the moozy orda rages outside the feminist eunuch lectures critical theory to infertile, gay student bodies, though they do have two cats.

Eucivicism was moral rage against social parasitism; perhaps Colognian reaction will be something different. In everything, the firm belief that the internet will foment a disruption to liberal dyscivics the likes of which we have never seen. Whatever our role, let it be fulfilled.