The High and the Low

The Nrx critique of the alt-right:

You are deluded activists, believing in the power of mass action. You are demotists (i.e. liberals), and as such the difference between you and the left is merely cosmetic. You are pawns with no understanding of the nature of power. Swept this way one day, and that way the next, you are hopeless to ever get in the driver’s seat.

The alt-right critique of Nrx:  

You are secretive, inconsequential quasi-occultists, who are big on critique but short on deliverables. You might be smart, but have no roadmap or instructions to provide your lessers with („becoming worthy“ is laughable and doesn’t count, you spergy clown).


I have some academic interest in where the boundaries between the two are ultimately going to lie. It’s secondary though to the restoring of sane management to Western polities.  In the end I wonder where this whole stand-off is coming from in the first place, because I imagine the most likely (success) scenario to look something like this:

  • Some lesser power center, either within or outside the Cathedral, desires to increase its position. This could be anyone from a CEO (or group thereof), billionaires (or a group thereof), media players, military leadership, religious leadership, heads of states, bureaucrats, secret services, to some university or faculty wishing for the same clout Harvard has now.
  • They see the masses stirring with discontent at globalism, and the Cathedral beating them down, arresting their leadership and destroying them memetically. If they join the Cathedral in doing so, they play it safe, but stand little chance to grow their power. It is more of a downward insurance. As more players pile in, engaging in holiness-signalling yields diminishing returns.
  • Someone less risk-averse comes along and sees in his mind the possibility of gaining immensely (or losing it all if things turn sour) by defecting and counter-signalling the Cathedral narrative.  But his case needs to be watertight; he knows the alt-right masses are being destroyed memetically, their memes having no effect on Cathedral brahmins.
  • This is where the Nrx corpus (whatever it will be at this point) comes in. Here is a memeplex that lets you win at boardroom meetings, securing promotions and tenures, and makes you look smart when put next to holiness-spouting Cathedral brahmins. It is where the Chicago Boys meet Pinochet, Luther meets the Duke of Saxony, the Ford Foundation meets Civil Rights etc.

Because the target demographics of the alt-right and NRx differ (one low to middle, the other high) so must their memetics. Now it’s perfectly possible that Nrx is going to morph into something different entirely. But that wouldn’t change the fundamental high-low dynamics, and merely require some other high-aimed memeplex to fulfill its role in restoring sane management to the West.


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