Monat: September 2016

Assuming the Sale

Let me go all Scott Adams on you here.

Behold the magnificence:


I am in no way knowledgable about Norte Americano politics. How did this meeting come about? Most likely on Peña’s initiative, I assume, since it’s his turf. Did he want to get a feel for the man that might have him facing a forced return of millions of his countrymen to Mexico? Is he looking for an ally against his enemy Slim? Could there be internal Mexican reasons, a slump in his overall public appeal, or some scandal he wants to draw attention away from? I do not know. Perhaps the reasons are historico-military: as much of a sweet deal it was to unload millions of your unwashed northwards thanks to the spinelessness of a converged-Washington, Peña fears the resurgence of American strength and has no appetite for open hostility. Wer weiß.

But look at the above picture. Trump, not yet in office, doesn’t have the stars and stripes behind him, but to the id this is irrelevant. Two big men, leaders (powerful men, I tell you) are seeing eye to eye here, addressing their subjects, allies and enemies through an army of journalists hanging on their every word.

The subconscious message is clear: Trump is king already, meeting and negotiating with heads of state who listen to and respect him. His inauguration election in November is a mere formality.

If you’ve ever wondered how a revolutionarily republican, regicidal, equalitarian, demotist France could promptly rationalize the elevation of her first generalissimo as empereur, this is how. The outside trappings of republican ideology and manifestos were inconsequential when put against Bonaparte’s archetypal gravitas. He was what he was, whether it was in line with your principles or not.

And so it is with Donald I. The black pill at this point is of course in pointing out the dominance of coalition-of-the-fringes style vote bloc packing ever since having been summoned by FDR . Against the forces of Mordor, there can be no victory.

But while we’re at the subject of summoning, do not underestimate the unseen forces accessible to the right. The left’s unholy melange of dindu voodoo, aztec blood sacrifice and  femi-blob unfertility rituals isn’t the only game in town anymore.

Long live the Amphibian Revolution. Praise Kek