Mission Statement

Mechanical systems are unaffected by non-physical forces. An engine is not going to work any less well by feeling nervous or anxious. A well fitting accessory belt is not going to be triggered by mean words, or decide that its alloted place between two pulleys does not qualify as a safe space.

But the human condition is organic. People’s performance and well being are profoundly influenced by psychic factors. With a few exceptions, such as aging, accidents or deliberate self-infliction, human ingenuity has in principle ended physical discomfort in the first world (for the middle and upper classes in any case, the lower classes will find ways to steal from, maim or abuse each other even under difficult circumstances.).

So even though first worlders are healthy in body, they are divorced, depressed and demoralized (etymologically, this triplet shares the de/dis particle, indicating the removal from a previous, perhaps even the natural state; I am tempted to add defiliated in at least one of its possible meanings).

Thus Western man is reduced to the ironic position of being able to split the atom, travel the void of space or perform brain surgery, but unable to defend himself demographically against the steaming masses of the third world, socially against the demands for resources and enfranchisement by his women and lessers, and econo-politically against the hustle for concessions by the corporate world and foreign governments.

The ensuing dyscivism has become painfully visible, and how deep the decline will or can reach is subject of debate. But when the stakes are this high, the rational position to take is one of radicalism. The need for an immune system, and lack thereof sofar, is clear.

Analogies between the mechanic and organic are not easily drawn, but the possibility for a future West to command the memetic domain as readily as the technological one presents itself; perhaps Western future hinges on this very condition.

Whether as a megaphone for the valuable findings of others‘, or humbly in hope of original ideas, the Eucivic Institute is here to ensure our posterity passes this condition.